Verbatim 2.5'' Portable Hard Drive USB 2.0 Colour Edition Blue 320GB


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    Our palm sized USB 2.0 portable hard drive is light weight making it easy to carry with you. Weighing only 170 grams it packs portability and capacity in one!

    Store and carry your digital and day to day working files on this truly mobile drive. Its stylish smooth design sits neatly on the modern desk top as the perfect accompaniment to your laptop.

    The Verbatim portable hard drive is USB 2.0 bus powered (1 x USB 2.0 interface) and requires no external power for operation; simply plug ‘n’ play.

    For added security Nero BACKITUP 4 Essentials software is provided to help back up your laptop or PC's hard drive. Features included synchronisation and full backup.

    Verbatim 2 Year Limited Warranty


    Product Number: 47584, 47637
    Capacity: 320GB
    Interface: USB 2.0
    Dimensions: 135mm x 85mm x 21mm
    Product Weight: 170g

    The colour editions are available in glossy black, red, blue, green and pink.

    Pack Contents:
    Portable Hard Drive
    USB 2.0 cable
    Nero BACKITUP 4 Essentials back up software
    Quick Start Guide printed in 23 languages
    User Guide stored on the Hard Drive in 27 languages

    47584 - Box packaging.
    47637 - Clamshell packaging. Available from July 2009

    امتیاز کاربران: ۲۸۷ رای ثبت شده است



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