Creative I-Trigue 3220


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    Speaker Power: 6 Watts RMS per channel
    17 Watts RMS subwoofer
    Frequency Response: 40Hz ~ 20kHz
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR): 80dB
    DIMENSION (L x W x H):
    Satellite Speaker: 9.6cm x 7.2cm x 24.3cm
    Subwoofer: 18cm x 17.3cm x 26cm
    Wired Remote Control: 9cm x 4cm x 2.5cm

    Where design and superb sound meet


    A distinctive speaker system that surprises and delights, the stylish I-Trigue® 3220 delivers an all-encompassing sound spectrum, thanks to its unique BasXPort™ technology, which gives a more pronounced mid-range in your audio playback. The result of this is a seamless blending of deep bass tones and crystal clear treble. It's the 2.1 speaker system that lets you make a bold statement - about great design and sound.

    Two-way sattelite speakers and wood subwoofer
    Integrated BasXPort™ technology
    Magnetically shielded, space-saving design
    Flared Port
    Wired remote, Bass level and Headphone Jack
    Stereo-to-RCA adapter


    1. Two-way satellite speakers

    Each sonically-refined speaker features a tweeter and a mid-range driver, creating a perfect balance between high and mid tones, and ensuring accurate and clear music reproduction.



    2. Powerful ported wood subwoofer

    Delivers powerful, deep bass reproduction.



    3. Integrated BasXPort technology

    Get an unparalleled listening experience with BasXPort technology! It is acoustically engineered and designed to channel sound waves from the inner chamber of the satellite speaker to the soundstage, enhancing mid tones, and seamlessly blending bass, mid and high tones to perfection.



    4. Magnetically-shielded satellite speakers

    Lets you place I-Trigue 3220 near your desktop without any interference.



    5. Space saving design

    Made to make a statement. Its unique, slim profile adds a stylist, modern touch to your desktop.



    6. Flared port

    Gives a cleaner bass response.



    7. Wired remote control

    Control the functions of the I-Trigue 3220 from this convenient remote.



    8. Bass level control

    Lets you turn up the bass level to your liking.



    9. Headphone jack

    Connect a headset or headphones to I-Trigue 3220 for more privacy.



    10. Wall-mountable

    Designed to be extremely flexible, I-Trigue 3220 is equally comfortable on a wall as it is on your desktop.


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