Creative Inspire T7900


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    Feature Description
    Speaker Power: 8 Watts RMS per channel (6 channels),
    20 Watts RMS center speaker,
    24 Watts RMS subwoofer
    Frequency Response: 40Hz ~ 20kHz
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR): 80dB
    Satellite Speaker: 9.5cm x 7.7cm x 14cm
    Satellite Speaker (with tweeter): 9.5cm x 7.7cm x 16.8cm
    Center Satellite Speaker: 16.8cm x 7.7cm x 12.0cm
    Subwoofer: 19.2cm x 30.0cm x 28.3cm
    Wired Remote Control: 8.2cm x 4.0cm x 2.1cm


    Incredible 7.1 Audio Experience in your 3D Games, Movies and Music


    The Creative Inspire T7900 7.1 speaker system is carefully tuned to deliver the fullest and richest surround sound available for your movies, games and rock music. Enjoy audio with greater accuracy, with smooth, clean high notes. Even extend your 5.1 to a 7.1 simulated setup with CMSS upmix technology. With Dolby® Digital EX, DTS® ES and Microsoft® DirectSound® 3D support and combined with a Sound Blaster® X-Fi™ sound card, prepare for realistic audio that's simply out-of-this-world!

    • Dolby Digital EX, DTS ES and Microsoft DirectSound 3D support
    • Creative CMSS® upmix technology delivers realistic 7.1 surround sound even with 5-channel sound cards
    • 20 Watts RMS horizontal center speaker
    • Two-way satellite speaker design; three front satellite speakers, each with a tweeter and a mid range driver to create a perfect tonal balance between highs and mids, ensuring accurate and balanced audio output
    • Wired remote control features power on/off, volume, bass adjustment, headphone jack and auxiliary line-in
    • Reinforced ported wood subwoofer with a 6.5-inch long-throw driver that delivers low frequencies and powerful bass reproduction

    New Horizontal Center Speaker

    Remote with Line-in Connection

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