Cooler Master NotePal W2


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     Stylishly crafted all-aluminum alloy becomes a lasting design. The ergonomic design helps elevate your notebook to a comfortable viewing angle and allow you to work with better posture. The cooling design ensures that heat escapes quickly from your notebook. These designer-style units will look great anywhere you place them.



    • Sleek shape made of stylishly brushed high quality aluminum fits easily into any surroundings.
    • Active cooling: built-in dual 70mm fans, placed in strategic locations, create optimum airflow for truly comprehensive cooling.
    • Passive cooling: thermally enhanced aluminum alloy allows for fast and efficient heat dissipation.
    • Uniquely curved design enhances natural convection to prevent laptops from overheating.
    • Excellent silent notebook cooling solution.
    • Raises screen height to provide a comfortable viewing angle and help reduce neck strain.
    • Powered through USB port with on/off power button – no AC adapter required.
    • Two built-in USB 2.0 ports.
    • Non-interference front design provides complete clearance for easy front port access on all types of laptops.
    • Laptop is held securely in place without any overhang or risk of metal scratching the underside of your laptop.
    • Extremely sturdy structure accommodates for most notebook dimensions, including widescreens.





    aluminum alloy


    Dimension (W / H / D)

    400 x 308 x 51mm


    Fan Dimension (W / H / D)

    70 x 70 x 15mm


    Fan Speed

    1,500 RPM ±20%


    Fan Airflow

    10.5 CFM ±10%


    Bearing Type



    Fan Life Expectancy

    30,000 hours


    Fan Noise Level (dB-A)

    21 dBA


    Rated Voltage

    5 VDC


    USB Port

    USB2.0/1.1 x2


    Available Color

    Silver / Titanium / Black



    Accommodates up to 17” notebook, including widescreens


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