pqi Power DDR 2-800 2 Gb


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    DDR2-800 1G/2G/4G


    ‧ The dual channel package display PQI's dragon heatspreaders to offer better esthetic looks and efficient heat dissipation.

    ‧ The DDR2-800 U-DIMM ,consists of 16pcs 128Mx8bits DDR2 SDRAMs in FBGA (Fine-pitch BGA) packages on a 240-pin printed circuit board. Compare with DDR, DDR2 modules are with higher data bandwidths, lower power consumption and enhanced thermal performance.

    ‧ The special feature called On-Die Termination (ODT) is to minimize memory signal reflections at high speeds, thereby improving timing margins. Range of operation frequencies, programmable latencies allow the same device to be useful for a variety of high bandwidth, high performance memory system applications.

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