Creative SBS A200


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    Feature Description
    Satellite Speaker Power: 2 Watts RMS per channel (2 channels)
    Subwoofer Power: 5 Watts RMS
    Frequency Response: 40Hz ~ 20 kHz
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR): 70dB
    Dimension (L x W x H): Satellite Speaker: 6cm x 7.5cm x 17cm
    Subwoofer: 16cm x 15cm x 20cm


    Sleek speaker system at an amazing price


    Compact and stylish, the SBS A200 powered three-piece speaker system adds dramatic depth and range to your music and gaming experience. With easy access to the master volume with power on/off control, this affordable system is fast and simple to install on to a PC, notebook, MP3 player or other external audio devices. Get ready to be amazed by the high-quality audio performance of the Creative SBS A200.

    Integrating the SBS A200 to your lifestyle

    SBS A200 with desktop PC

    Slim and stylish

    Its bold look and sleek lines make it a stylish complement to any interior design. It is also slim enough to place anywhere you want it to be, including your desktop.
    SBS A200 with notebook PC

    Desktop performance

    Unleash the limitation. The powerful ported subwoofer delivers enough punch where it's needed most. Enjoy intense PC gaming or action-packed Hollywood blockbusters, even on your notebook.
    Convenient volume control knob

    Simple and convenient

    Tune your audio the way you like it. The accessible volume control lets you control the right amount for soft rock ballads or earth-shattering gaming action

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