MP3 & MP4 Player سامسونگ-Samsung Samsung YP-Q2 8G

Samsung Samsung YP-Q2 8G

MP3 & MP4 Player سامسونگ


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    Features Overview

    • 8 GB
    • 2.4 inch TFT LCD display
    • Audio Playback
      • Adjustable skip interval, repeat A-B mode
    • Video Playback
      • Customizable: skip settings, custom bookmarks supported
      • Max Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
      • Video DNSe: 3 preset modes optimizes audio track
      • Adjustable LCD Brightness Settings: 10
    • Photo Playback
      • Display photo slideshows along with music or FM radio
    • Compatible formats: 
      • Music: MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC
      • Video: MPEG4, WMV
      • Photo: JPEG
    • Datacasting
      • Users can set up Datacasts (podcasts) using the EmoDio software which comes on the installation disk. Datacasts are automatically placed in the Datacast menu
        structure. Go to for more information.
    • FM Radio and recorder/voice recording/text viewer 
      • Supports up to 30 preset stations and recording of your favorites
      • Auto preset mode will scan the entire FM range in less than 60 seconds and arrange available stations
      • Can make FM recordings
    • EmoDio
      • Transfer non-DRM videos from the PC to the Q2
      • Rip (encode) CDs and manage your music library on the PC
      • Transfer JPEG photos from the PC to the Q2
      • Set up Datacasts, transfer text files and upgrade firmware
    • USB 2.0 connectivity
    • Up to 50 hours audio and 4 hours video playback
    • Li-Polymer Battery 
    • Also includes: earphones, USB cable
    • Available in black (8 GB), white (8 GB), white (16 GB), blue (8 GB) and blue (16 GB)

    Capacity chart

    امتیاز کاربران: ۲۸۷ رای ثبت شده است



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