MP3 & MP4 Player سامسونگ-Samsung Samsung YP-S5 8G

Samsung Samsung YP-S5 8G

MP3 & MP4 Player سامسونگ


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    General Physical Memory Capacity 2GB / 4GB
    Display Type TFT LCD
    Available Color Black, White
    Feature FM Radio Yes
    Special Functions (Bluetooth) Yes (1.2, Audio only)
    Time Battery Playback Time (Audio) 24 Hours

    General Type Product Type MP3 Flash
    Physical Storage Type Flash
    Memory Capacity 2GB / 4GB
    Display Type TFT LCD
    Display Resolution 176 x 220
    Embedded Speaker Yes
    Embedded Mic. Yes
    SD MMC Expansion Slot No
    Available Color Black, White
    Display Screen 1.8"
    Feature FM Radio Yes
    View Picture Yes
    View Text Yes
    Line-In Recording No
    Voice Recording Yes
    View Video Yes
    Game Yes
    Special Functions (Bluetooth) Yes (1.2, Audio only)
    Datacasting Yes
    Tuner (DMB) No
    Wireless Internet No
    Etc. No
    Time Battery Playback Time (Audio) 24 Hours
    Package spec Dimensions for Unit W x H x D 46.5 x 95.9 x 14.8mm
    Weight for Unit 78.7g
    Functional Features Format File Format Supported MPEG-4 JPEG MP3 AAC WMA
    Recording VOR (Voice Operated Recording) No
    VER (Voice Enhanced Recording) No
    Voice Enhanced Playback No
    FM Recording Yes
    Voice Recording(bit rate) Yes
    Video-In Recording (TV Recording) No
    Moblie TV Recording No
    Additional Features Adjustable Play Speed Yes
    Alarm Yes
    Album Art No
    Lyric Display No
    Wallpaper Yes
    Clock Yes
    TTS (Text to Speech) No
    STT (Speech to Text) No
    System Connectivity OS Compatibility Windows XP / Vista
    USB Connection(MTP/UMS) MTP
    Connectivity (USB Version) Yes
    File Management Mobile Playlist(Favorite) Yes
    Library( Artist, Album,Genre,Title DB sorting) Yes
    File Navigation Yes
    Sound Effect User EQ Yes
    Custom Multi-language Yes
    Extra Accessories Included accessories SW CD, Cable, Audio in Cable, Earphone, Guick Guide

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