TOSHIBA Satellite U400-219


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    سازنده پردازنده Intel
    مدل پردازنده Core 2 Duo
    نوع پردازنده P7450
    سرعت پردازنده 2.1
    سرعت پردازنده در حات توربو
    حافظه Cache-MB 3


    مقدار حافظه-GB 4
    نوع حافظه DDRII
    FSB رم -MHZ 800

    هارد دیسک

    ظرفیت هارد-GB 400
    مشخصات هارد دیسک 5400
    نوع هارد دیسک SATA
    هارد دیسک دوم


    سازنده کارت گرافیک Intel
    نوع کارت گرافیک GMA 4500MHD
    حافظه اختصاصی کارت گرافیک 128
    نوع حافظه کارت گرافیک DDRII
    حداکثر حافظه گرافیکی 1340
    کارت گرافیک دوم
    نوع کارت گرافیک دوم

    صفحه نمایش

    اندازه صفحه نمایش-Inch 13.3
    رزولوشن صفحه نمایش 800 * 1280
    توضیحات صفحه نمایش WXGA
    صفحه نمایش لمسی LCD
    صفحه نمایش مات

    پورت ها

    پورت HDMI HDMI
    پورت USB 2.0
    پورت USB 3.0
    پورت USB -C Yes
    پورت Thunderbolt N/A
    پورت خروجی VGA No


    شبکه بی سیم-Wireless Yes
    بلوتوث Yes
    شبکه LAN 10/100

    مشخصات ظاهری

    وزن-Kg 2
    ابعاد 35 * 229 * 314
    رنگ N/A

    سایر امکانات

    سیستم عامل Vista HP
    نوع درایو نوری DVD-RW
    نوع باطری 6
    وب کم N/A
    نوع وب کم
    حسگر اثر انگشت No
    کارت خوان 5In1
    قابلیت نصب سیم کارت No
    کیبورد با نور پس زمینه
    اقلام همراه لپ تاپ

    Toshiba Satellite U400 Laptop Review - Notebook Deals, Offers, Specs

    Toshiba Satellite U400 laptop is a simple business gadget wrapped up in a striking glossy black chassis with a number of great features. Toshiba Satellite U400 notebook comes with a lovely design, robust body and a powerful Intel processor.

    Design and Dimension

    Toshiba has done a great job by keeping U400 light and slim as most of the coporate users like a laptop they can easily carry along whilst on the move. Toshiba U400 is compact and weighs merely 2.1kg with overall dimension of 314 x 225 x 37mm.

    Display Screen

    Screen-wise, it is one of the unique notebooks as it has 13.3-inches Trubrite TFT display with screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels which is perfect for a lightweight laptop. Toshiba Satellite U400 screen is somewhere between a large display notebook and a netbook but still it lets you watch videos, edit images and work on powerpoint presentations. Moreover, if you are an expert user, you can even work on two or more windows at a time as the screen is suitable enough for multitasking.

    Keyboard Features

    When it comes to typing, Toshiba Satellite U400 offers comfort as well as accuracy. There is enough space between the QWERTY keys which are large enough to type with speed and without mistakes. You can see a set of function buttons just below the power button or above the numeric keys. These keys can be used as shortcut for accessing various functions.

    Processor Performance, Memory and Hard Disk

    Toshiba Satellite U400 is powered by 2.1GHz Intel T5800 processor which works on Core2 Duo technology and produces great results. The memory area is also well taken care of with its 3GB DDR2 RAM and 2MB Level 2 cache memory to support the primary processor. It also has a 250GB hard disk which provides enough space for storing most of your data files. The hard disk is well protected by a shock proof system, it always protect your data and ensures that you never lose important documents.

    Graphics, Battery Life and Webcam

    When it comes to graphics results, Intel GMA 4500MHD doesn’t let you down. It handles low power games and graphics applications easily and also let you watch DVDs and CDs with great speed. There is also a 1.3 megapixel webcam which allows you to enjoy video calling with friends and family. Despite so many battery-hungry programs, a fully charged battery can easily provide you 2.5 hours of constant working, which we think is pretty imressive for good looking laptop.

    Internet Connectivity and Mobility

    When it comes to connectivity, Toshiba Satellite U400 has a lot to offer! It has three USB ports for connecting other peripherals through USB cables. For wireless connectivity, you can use the Bluetooth facility for quick and smooth data transfer. However, it also has the Wi-Fi technology which lets you connect to any WLAN and enjoy uninterrupted internet experience.

    In short, Toshiba U400 laptop is a cool machine for corporate as well as small business users. It looks stunning with its glossy black body and the processor performance make it stand out in the crowd. It is being offered at a discount price at the moment and you can save upto 70pounds with this limited time offer.


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