Dell Vostro 1510


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    سازنده پردازنده Intel
    مدل پردازنده Core 2 Duo
    نوع پردازنده T9300
    سرعت پردازنده 2.5
    سرعت پردازنده در حات توربو
    حافظه Cache-MB 6


    مقدار حافظه-GB 4
    نوع حافظه DDRII
    FSB رم -MHZ 667

    هارد دیسک

    ظرفیت هارد-GB 320
    مشخصات هارد دیسک 5400
    نوع هارد دیسک SATA
    هارد دیسک دوم


    سازنده کارت گرافیک nVIDIA
    نوع کارت گرافیک Geforce 8400 Gs
    حافظه اختصاصی کارت گرافیک 256
    نوع حافظه کارت گرافیک DDRII
    حداکثر حافظه گرافیکی 1024
    کارت گرافیک دوم
    نوع کارت گرافیک دوم

    صفحه نمایش

    اندازه صفحه نمایش-Inch 15.4
    رزولوشن صفحه نمایش 900 * 1440
    توضیحات صفحه نمایش WXGA+
    صفحه نمایش لمسی LCD
    صفحه نمایش مات

    پورت ها

    پورت HDMI No
    پورت USB 2.0
    پورت USB 3.0
    پورت USB -C No
    پورت Thunderbolt No
    پورت خروجی VGA No


    شبکه بی سیم-Wireless Yes
    بلوتوث Yes
    شبکه LAN 10/100/1000

    مشخصات ظاهری

    وزن-Kg 2.8
    ابعاد 38 * 258 * 357
    رنگ Black

    سایر امکانات

    سیستم عامل Vista HB
    نوع درایو نوری DVD-RW
    نوع باطری 6
    وب کم 1.3
    نوع وب کم
    حسگر اثر انگشت Yes
    کارت خوان 8In1
    قابلیت نصب سیم کارت No
    کیبورد با نور پس زمینه
    اقلام همراه لپ تاپ

    Dell VostroTM  laptops are designed for small business. Packed with customized features and a choice of software, the Vostro line delivers easy-to-use technology, flexible connectivity options and exceptional support – all in a thin, durable design.

    Vostro 1510 at a Glance:

    • Customized Software Suite - Eliminate trialware and choose only the software your business needs.
    • Outstanding Out-of-Box Performance - Excellent first boot experience puts you in business in minutes.
    • Durable Construction – Enjoy the durability of Vostro’s magnesium-alloy reinforced chassis, sturdy hinges and sealed keyboards.
    • Maximum Wireless Connectivity – Designed to minimize dead spots and connect virtually anywhere business takes you with optional next-generation Wireless-N Wi-Fi® .
    • Exceptional Service and Support – Vostro laptops include 1-year Limited warranty and specially trained technical support.
    • System and Data Protection – Help prevent unauthorized access, malicious attacks and theft with flexible security options.
    Dell Vostro 1510
    Dell Vostro 1510

    Easy-to-Use Technology

    When your business demands time, your technology shouldn’t. The all-purpose Vostro 1510 includes a comprehensive portfolio of small business support services and features. Enjoy simplified system set-up, management and maintenance.
    • Consolidate network set-up and troubleshooting with Dell Network Assistant.
    • Ensure peak system performance with automated maintenance tools.
    • Receive personalized support from specially trained technicians.
    • Enhance standard services with optional Dell ProSupport tailored support plans.

    Extraordinary Performance and Value

    Even small business demands big results. The multi-functional Vostro 1510 delivers lightning-fast processing, crisp images, flexible drive options and up to 4GB of memory – all at exceptional small business value.
    • Withstand the rigors of home and office with rugged, lightweight magnesium-alloy reinforced construction.
    • Enhance performance and battery life with latest-generation Intel®  CoreTM  2 Duo processor.
    • Get higher contrast ratio than standard anti-glare displays for brighter images with TrueLifeTM  display technology.
    • Choose from Combo and DVD read/write optical drives
    • Enhance video and photo clarity with an optional graphics card up to 256MB.
    • Help protect your hard drive against unexpected drops with Free Fall Sensor included in optional 7200RPM hard drives

    Convenient Size, Operation and Weight

    Expertly designed Vostro laptops offer heavyweight performance – without the weight. Thin and highly portable, the 1510 starts at just 2.6 kg. And the glossy 15.4" TrueLifeTM  display delivers vibrant widescreen images in a convenient, road-ready size.
    • Easy multimedia operation with convenient controls.
    • Simplify disc loading with convenient slot-load optical drives.
    • Increase work time with long battery life.

    Exceptional Connectivity and Security

    When business extends beyond the desk, Vostro 1510 is designed to enable secure connectivity - from virtually anywhere, anytime. Help Maximize productivity and up-time with optional Wireless-N WiFi® , Bluetooth®  technology. Then protect your system – and important data – with flexible Dell security options and standard software.
    • Maximize hot spot connectivity, throughput and range with next-generation Wireless N WiFi® .
    • Enable cable-free computing with Bluetooth®  connectivity to peripherals.
    • Restrict system access with optional fingerprint reader.
    • Authenticate network access with Trusted Platform Module (TPM 1.2).

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